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Orthodontic office in West Hills

West Hills Orthodontist

West Hills orthodontist

What does it mean to get excellent orthodontic care? Well, we strongly believe that it starts with being thorough and that means a detailed examination, one that sets a foundation for developing and following through with a strategy for optimal dental health. Our West Hills orthodontist, wants you to know that no journey can ever be accurate without a roadmap and that most certainly includes the road that you will take with us in getting straighter, healthier teeth.

It all starts with your initial appointment at our orthodontic office. Our West Hills orthodontist will determine where you are right now, in order to figure out the best way to get you to where you need and want to be. Of course, this starts with a physical and visual inspection of your teeth and a full oral examination. We will analyze your malocclusion, as well as your oral musculature and skeletal deformity. It’s important to bear in mind that misaligned teeth don’t just occur without a reason. And determining those reasons is essential to correcting the problem itself. A discussion of your oral hygiene routine and personal habits that are applicable to the well-being of your teeth will also be discussed.

Our West Hills orthodontist will also take a full set of cephalometric x-rays and a complete radiographic analysis that includes panoramic photos. What do we expect to learn from all of this? A complete diagnostic record of both intra and extra oral photographs provide a helpful background as well as a solid foundation for making the determinations that are necessary for optimal orthodontic work. Because the process of getting straighter teeth affects everything from your self-esteem to the health of your teeth and gums and your level of comfort day in and day out, we’re sure you will agree that putting in the extra effort to get it 100% right is well worth it. This will be especially evident at the conclusion of your treatment, when you are left with straighter teeth that look great and that are easier to floss between. So don’t hesitate. Call us today and let’s get started on giving you the smile you deserve.

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