Medi Cal Dentist Canoga Park

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Preventive Care in Canoga Park

Medi Cal Dentist Canoga Park
Medi Cal Dentist Canoga Park

The number one way to avail yourself of preventive care is to com to our office here at White Smiles Dental Group two times per year. You’ll have a complete dental examination and a teeth cleaning. Along with your commitment to good nutrition, twice-daily brushing, and flossing thoroughly once per day, right before bed, you are putting the odds in your favor to avoid cavities and gum disease. And because we accept Medi Cal insurance, you can enjoy the added assurance of knowing you’re covered.

Dental plaque grows on your teeth, between them, and at the gum line. It is invisible, but always working to decay your tooth enamel, and cause havoc when it comes to your gum wellness. The time when you are most aware that plaque exists is when you wake up in the morning. That coating you feel before you brush your teeth is evidence of plaque. Your brushing and flossing regimen goes a long way toward keeping your teeth and gums in top condition. The only thing is that plaque can avoid your oral hygiene, hardening into tartar, which can only be efficiently removed with a professional teeth cleaning. Our Medi Cal dentist Canoga Park recommends that you come in every six months for that and a full checkup, during which an examination along with x-rays will reveal any cavities. Treating them right away is the best way to keep them from growing larger and causing toothaches, infections, and the need for root canal or a tooth extraction. Our Medi Cal dentist Canoga Park will also check you for signs of early stage gum disease, for which a teeth cleaning is effective in reversing.

Don’t let it slip your mind. Contact us right now to arrange an appointment to get preventive care from our Medi Cal dentist Canoga Park.

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