Dentist in Winnetka

Dentist in Winnetka

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Preventive care in Winnetka

Preventive care combines the benefits of home brushing and flossing with twice-yearly visits to our office here at White Smiles Dental Group. Cavity-free teeth and strong, vibrant gums are goals that are reachable with just a little bit of effort.

The entire point of preventive care is to deal with the effects of dental plaque. You can’t see it, but it’s always on the job, working to decay your tooth’s protective layers, and cause your gums to become red and irritated. You can keep its growth to a minimum by keeping a close watch on the sugar and starch you take in through foods and drinks. Once plaque does show up, you should be focused on how quickly and effectively you can address it. Our dentist in Winnetka recommends that you brush your teeth when you wake up and again before you go to sleep. Brushing after meals is very helpful, too. Flossing should be done thoroughly and as close to bedtime as possible; after you have finished eating and drinking for the day. Two times per year, spaced out six months apart, come in for a complete oral examination by our dentist in Winnetka. Along with periodic x-rays, cavities are detected before they can become large enough to put you at greater risk of suffering a toothache or an infection, the results of which might be root canal therapy or even tooth extraction. With a prompt filling, your tooth is restored to its fully protected state. A dental cleaning during the same session is also essential for both the removal of tartar buildup that comes from plaque you are unable to remove while brushing and flossing, along with reversing the effects of early stage gum disease, or gingivitis.

Reach out to our office today and let us schedule your next examination and cleaning with our dentist in Winnetka.

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