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Clear vs. metal braces in Canoga Park

Clear braces Canoga Park
Clear braces Canoga Park

In the past, if you needed orthodontic work done, your options were limited. Metal braces were used to straighten teeth. Today, this is no longer the case. Clear braces Canoga Park are now available. You should consult with a knowledgeable dentist like ours at White Smiles Dental Group to learn about each type to determine which would be right for you.

Metal braces and clear braces both have advantages and disadvantages. Metal braces are highly effective in treating many orthodontic issues. However, they can be very uncomfortable because they contain metal brackets and wires. The wires can irritate the inside of one’s mouth and can also make eating and teeth-brushing more difficult to do. Since they’re made of metal, many people find them to be unsightly and some may even avoid orthodontic treatment all together for these reasons. Clear braces Canoga Park are also very effective at treating many orthodontic issues, however, they are much newer and therefore they have a shorter success history. They solve many of the problems that people have with traditional metal braces. They are clear which makes them virtually invisible. For this reason, they are more attractive than conventional braces. They don’t contain metal or wires; therefore, they are much more comfortable to wear. They are removable which enables patients to easily eat and brush their teeth as they did before they got them. They are more expensive than conventional braces and also require more trips to the dentist office. The treatment for both metal and clear braces take at least a year to complete. However, the exact amount of time varies from patient to patient. Since each patient’s needs are different, determining which type of braces is right for you is an individual decision that would need to be made with the patient and his or her dentist.

To learn more about Clear braces Canoga Park, you should consult with our braces expert. Call our office to schedule an appointment with our dentist today.

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