Canoga Park Night Guards

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Night guards in Canoga Park

Canoga Park night guards
Canoga Park night guards

There are so many benefits to seeing your dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. Not only are dental exams key to preventing decay and disease, but they can provide valuable insight regarding your everyday oral hygiene routine and tell you whether there are any issues you may have and need to think about. Once such concern that people should be made aware of, if they aren’t already, is tooth grinding. This subconscious habit can be damaging in many ways, and people who grind their teeth while sleeping may need night guards. Here at White Smiles Dental Group we can provide patients with the Canoga Park night guards they need to protect their teeth and their dental health.

Teeth grinding is not often done on purpose. People tend to grind or grit their teeth when they are nervous, worried, anxious or on edge. It can happen while sleeping, and other moments when you may not readily notice. Grinding can cause a great deal of damage to teeth, however, and it can erode the surface of the enamel. Over time, this can make your teeth appear flat, but eventually it can erode your teeth so badly that they need dental work. It can also damage the nerves, cause jaw problems, neck and facial aches and pains, and much more. People who grind their teeth need something to protect their teeth when they are incapable of noticing their habit or stopping it as well, which is where night guards come in. Here at White Smiles Dental Group we can have you fitted for any custom Canoga Park night guards you may need to wear at night to protect your teeth. It is important that night guards fit well for several reasons. You want to make sure that there is no additional friction and you want to make sure that they fit comfortably, cause no pain or discomfort, and that they do not impede with breathing as well.

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