Canoga Park Night Guards

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Night Guards in Canoga Park

Canoga Park Night Guards
Canoga Park Night Guards

TMJ disorder is a condition that causes jaw pain and other symptoms. And along with the other vital services that we at White Smiles Dental Group provide, we are also pleased to offer our Canoga Park night guards to alleviate the effects of TMJ disorder.

It’s not something that you think about very often, but you use your jaws a lot. They are moving up and down and side to side many times per day; when you talk, when you laugh, when you smile, when you chew. And that is why TMJ disorder is so frustrating and uncomfortable. The hinges that connects your lower jaw to the temporal bone in your skull can develop this malfunction due to arthritis, injury, accident, or disk erosion. How will you know that it is affecting you? It is common to experience pain in or around the ear, face, or neck; jaw tenderness; pain while chewing; and grinding of teeth, especially when you are asleep. And while there are various possible solutions to the impact of TMJ disorder, our Canoga Park night guards represent one that is simple, easy to use, and effective. First, you will need to come in to see our dentist to be examined. It is essential to make a determination about the exact diagnosis before proceeding. Keep in mind that the likelihood of developing TMJ disorder is greater between the ages of 20 and 40, with women more typically than men having it. Of course, it makes perfect sense that any time you have jaw pain or general facial pain, you should consult with our dentist about it.

The good news is that our Canoga Park night guards can afford you relief from the indications of TMJ disorder. So why delay? Contact us today and schedule an appointment to be seen.

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